The Beauty of Holiness

I got up this morning with these words running through my mind…

‘worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.’

So I looked it up and found it in three places including Psalm 29 which is a beautiful psalm. It starts with a command, centres on the power of God’s voice and ends with a promise.

David begins by saying…’Give unto the LORD, O ye mighty, give unto the LORD glory and strength. Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name…’

What does it mean to give ‘glory’ to God? This Hebrew word – kabowd – also means honour and abundance. Do we glorify God in our day to day life, in the mundane? Do we honour Him in all we do? Do we give the abundance due to his name?

This word abundance really struck me, so I looked it up in the dictionary and it means a copious quantity, lavishness, exuberance! Do we give to the Lord in a lavish, exuberant way? Do we give Him our joyful praises? Do we thank Him with exuberance? Do we daily give Him the abundance of our hearts, our desires and our love? Are we lavish in the time we give to God? Even when we’re in the middle of doing our daily tasks are we doing it for Him? Do we daily give of our all to the One who gave His life for us? How far short I often fall!

David goes on to say…

‘worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness’.

Beauty – hadarah – also means adornment and holiness – qodesh – also means set apartness.

Is this how we worship? Is this how we live our lives? Adorned with a beautiful set apartness? Set apart for Our God alone?

What a precious place to be and I think we do know it at times but how soon we get distracted, our thoughts and desires running here, there and everywhere but God. But God can help us to keep close to Him, for He is all powerful. Let’s just look at how the psalm continues…

‘The voice of the LORD is upon the waters: the God of glory thundereth: the LORD is upon many waters. The voice of the LORD is powerful; the voice of the LORD is full of majesty.’

Just the voice of God is all powerful, we see it in creation, thundering in the waves of the sea, it breaks the trees and shakes the wilderness…’yea, the LORD sitteth King for ever.’

After telling us just how we should glorify God followed by eight verse telling us of God’s greatness, David ends with this most wonderful promise…

‘The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace.’

Oh friends, let’s be praying for help to glorify and worship God in our lives, to abundantly give of our praises and our all to Him and this, our mighty powerful God WILL give us the strength we need, even the strength we need to worship Him in the beauty of holiness and He WILL give us peace.

‘The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace.’

In Love,

Sharon x

Published by Sharon - Savour of Salt

I'm a Christian wife and Mum of two. I love to study my Bible and create God centered items for myself and our shop. I also enjoy a variety of crafts, reading and baking. We are all quite creative so our house is often a hive of creativity! I have several chronic illnesses including Lupus and Fibromyalgia so I am very thankful that I have been given a creative mind to help fill the hours when I don't have the energy for anything else.

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