Impossible shouldn’t be in the believers vocabulary…

‘for with God all things are possible.’

Do you have big prayers? Then pray then, pray them in faith, believing for with God ALL things are possible!

Yes, all things are according to God’s will, Yes, God knows the beginning from the end and He decreed it before the world began but prayer changes things, fervent prayer turned the sun back ten degrees, wrestling prayer gets the blessing, earnest prayer makes a little flour and oil last week after week, prayer makes the impossible possible.

How do these things go together? I don’t know and I…Don’t….Need….To! Who am I, This tiny speck of dust in comparison to the size of this earth, let alone the whole universe.

Who am I compared to our great God who measures the heavens with the span of His hand.

Who am I to even begin to presume to question how these things work, it doesn’t matter. Faith believes it, faith takes hold of it and faith conquers.

No, God doesn’t always answer as we had hoped but that’s because God doesn’t work on our plans He works on His perfect plans, a plan that takes into consideration our whole life from the beginning to the end and the way it impacts not just this snapshot in time but the whole of eternity.

There are so many things beyond our human comprehension BUT…Faith trusts and faith believes!

If we understood it all we wouldn’t need faith. But because we’re finite and we’re so very very tiny and so very foolish in comparison to God we never can, we never will understand all of the why’s and we DON’T NEED TO!

Your Heavenly Father sees….

your Heavenly Father hears…

your Heavenly Father knows….

your Heavenly Father understands… and your Heavenly Father IS in perfect loving control, is that not enough Friend?

Keep wrestling, keep pleading, keep believing! And leave the rest in the hands of your loving Heavenly Father.

‘If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.’


Mark 10:27, 9:23

2 thoughts on “Impossible?…

  1. Amen! And thank you so much, dear friend.

    1. Sharon - Savour of Salt April 9, 2019 — 9:26 pm

      I’m glad it found you sweet Aritha x

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