SHALL! I love the certainty of God’s promises.

Here’s David fearful and yet trusting, betrayed but looking to His faithful God as he says…

‘Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he SHALL sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.’

Ah Friend, is the burden too heavy, does it all feel too much? Do troubles, fears or sickness weigh you down?

‘Cast thy burden upon the LORD…’

The Hebrew word shalak, translated here as cast, means to ‘throw out, down or away, to hurl or throw.

Your burden isn’t something you tentatively, gingerly, give to the Lord and it isn’t something you give Him bit by bit, it’s something you hurl away from you, throw down at His feet in faith, trusting that He SHALL take care of it and sustain and carry you through these hard things.

This word translated as sustain can also mean ‘to keep in, to maintain, abide, bear, guide, hold, nourish and provide.

Friend, cast your burden upon the LORD and He SHALL keep you, He WILL maintain you in His way, He WILL abide in you and you in Him by sweet experience.

Cast your burden on Him and He SHALL bear you up, hold you and carry you through. He WILL nourish you soul and provide everything you need to live a life of obedience that glorifies Him.

Photo courtesy of Lizzy Kerley, Lightroom filters applied

‘he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.’

NEVER Friend!

Keep leaning, keep trusting and He’ll carry you through.

But maybe you don’t feel very righteous, you always seem to be messing up and failing, the battle with your old nature is often fierce, what then?

Ah, dear believer, if you are in Christ then you’re covered in His righteousness. Yes you’re old nature is strong and you’ll sometimes fall but keep coming back in repentance and approach God though Christ and He will see you as you are, covered in Christ’s righteousness as He stands at the right hand of the Father pleading on your behalf.

No trial, no temptation, no evil can take you away from that position you have in Christ, so…

‘Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he SHALL sustain thee: he shall NEVER suffer the righteous to be moved.’

Psalm 55:22

Published by Sharon - Savour of Salt

I'm a Christian wife and Mum of two. I love to study my Bible and create God centered items for myself and our shop. I also enjoy a variety of crafts, reading and baking. We are all quite creative so our house is often a hive of creativity! I have several chronic illnesses including Lupus and Fibromyalgia so I am very thankful that I have been given a creative mind to help fill the hours when I don't have the energy for anything else.

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