What is my heart behind Savour of Salt?

You can read a little about why my site is called Savour of Salt and what brought me there here but today I wanted to explain my heart and my longings behind what I write and create.

My main desire, the longing of my heart is to encourage women to really seek the Lord and to abide In Him. Also to share with you a little of what the Lord is teaching me or lays on my heart to share.

You will find daily micro blogs on Instagram @savourofsalt and also shop updates and peeps into my creative world. Here, on the blog, I hope to share some of my thoughts in more depth.

As I share a little of my testimony you will see why seeking and abiding are on my heart.

I began to truly seek God at the age of twelve and was baptised when I was nineteen. It was a very sweet and precious time of walking with the Lord but life was busy, we were planning our wedding, I was working full time and gradually the world crept in. My love for God’s word diminished and I became very dull spiritually.

Over the next ten years or so my Bible was read as something to cross off of my to do list and prayer became a duty or somewhere to go in times of need. God was faithful

and appeared in those times of need but my spiritual walk was lifeless and dull.

Then God in His love allowed me to become chronically ill with lupus. I’m often asked how I keep cheerful with my chronic illnesses (I also have fibromyalgia, sjogrens and osteoarthritis now) and with my restricted mobility, but friends, it isn’t me, it’s because in and through it God has brought me to lean harder on Him, and I can rejoice because through it He’s brought me out of a lukewarm place into a far, far richer place spiritually. I can rejoice when I am so exhausted that even taking the next breath seems an effort because then I have to lean harder and I’ve learnt that depending wholly on Jesus is a precious place to be. Having said that, it’s something I’m having to learn over and over again, because sadly, there’s still a lot of stubborn independence in me! But it’s when I live depending wholly on Christ for everything, that the joy and peace and blessing comes. It’s hard butt it’s also beautiful and precious and sweet as I lean into God’s grace and in my weakness am made strong in Christ.

‘No more Me Lord, just all ‘Christ in me’ is my prayer now. We all need God every moment but it often takes the hard places to make is realise it and for us to lean only on Him and not go on in our own strength. .

So you can see the means God used to bring me closer to Him, it’s been a hard though blessed way and my heart longs to encourage other women to keep closer to God, to not get to a far off place where the journey back is long, hard and painful. Throughout those years in my twenties of feeling far from God, I didn’t have anyone ask me how I was doing spiritually, was I abiding in Christ? I didn’t have anyone ask me if I made time for God each day, no-one encourage me to set aside time to read my Bible and pray, or to seek a life walking close to God. No-one to say that it was ok to miss the dusting this week and spend that time with God. No-one encouraged me to spend my spare time in things that would matter in 500 years time rather than filling my life with earthly things. So, you see, my heart aches and longs to see other women brought into that place of close communion with God and an abiding in His love.

For you to know that you don’t have to strive harder, just lean harder and for you to have a closer walk with God. If your are feeling in that far off, lukewarm place right now dear friend, draw near to God, through prayer and in reading His word and He WILL draw near to you.

Why Savour of Salt?


I set up my shop – Inspirational Yarns – on Etsy in February 2016.  I was selling hand dyed yarns and other knitting/crochet related products that I had made. The shop was doing well but through that Summer of 2016 God began to plant a longing in my heart to create items that would glorify Him.

Over the coming months God spoke to me in several ways confirming that it was His will for me to take my business in this direction. In spite of this I was still hesitant and although I did begin to create scripture yarns I held back from really changing the direction of my shop. In April 2017 after a year of consistent sales my shop went dead.  In the coming weeks I recognised that the Lord was prompting me to move forward but still I held back.

One day in June I sat down and really analysed what was holding me back and it all came down to fear.  These fears included fear that what I created wouldn’t be good enough, fear of what others might think, fear that my motives might be misconstrued, fear that I couldn’t write well enough about what God laid on my heart to share and fear of stepping on other peoples toes.  I took it all to the Lord and left it with Him praying that He would, just one more time, give me a really clear direction whether to move forward with this or not.


The next day during the Sunday evening service the visiting minister preached from Matthew 5:13 ‘Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted?it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.’ (kjv) I was so convicted under this sermon. Here are few of the things that he spoke of  ‘the children of God being a walking testimony of God and how just as salt is there to be used, so are God’s people and it isn’t that we can be a disciple if we want to, we are disciples. Believers are not here to please themselves, but to do the will of the One who called them out of darkness into light. ‘This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise.’ (kjv) We are here to fulfil God’s will and not our own. God’s people are Salt and Light. Our lives are the only sermon some will ever hear.

I now knew beyond doubt that I was to change the direction of my shop. I still have niggling fears from time to time but I trust that I am in God’s will and in the end that is all that matters.

Next came the question of the shop name as I needed something that reflected what I would now be adding to the shop.  To change the name of such a young shop probably didn’t make good business sense but I went ahead and my shop became SAVOUR OF SALT!


I still continue to sell my stock of handdyed yarns and accessories in the ‘Inspirational Yarns section of my shop and I still take orders for these too but my main focus is now on Scripture Yarns, colouring books, wall hangings and other scripture pieces I may make.

I would love you to visit my shop – Savour of Salt I will consider any custom order requests.  Just drop me a line at savourofsalt@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by, keep seeking and abiding friends ❤

Sharon x