Pleasure or Treasure?

What are we seeking this Christmas? Will there be room amongst all the gift exchanging, feasting and socialising for Jesus? Will there be room in our hearts for Him or will our heart be like the crowded inn with no room for the Saviour? How quickly we can give way to our own pleasure andContinue reading “Pleasure or Treasure?”

In The Storm.

Are you in one of those places today where you just don’t know what to do. Sometimes life can seem such a muddle and you feel as though everything is going against you. You may not know which way to turn or what to do for the best. This is how king Jehoshaphat felt whenContinue reading “In The Storm.”

How Are We Running?

Have you ever seen a toddlers’ race? At the end of the school year there’s a school sports day here in England where the children compete in various races and the parents come to watch. At the end there is usually a race for the toddlers that have come with their parents to watch theirContinue reading “How Are We Running?”

Where Do You Live

Imagine a place, a most beautiful land. Not a dry barren desert but a land with verdant hills and valleys, gently watered by the rain of heaven. This land is cared for by the King. He watches over it and all those who live there, with much love through all the changing seasons of eachContinue reading “Where Do You Live”