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  1. Dear Sharon,I have been pleased to read your blog you certainly must be an encouragement to many I am enjoying reading your blog – Naomi told me about your web site. as a keen knitter I am interested in the wool you dye and wonder if you can tellm ethe ply,weight of each hank and price. No doubt you are preparing for abbies wedding and trust you will be given necessary strength for all that has to be done. we were very sorry to hear about your mother and do hope she is responding to treatment. with kind regards Judith Hadley


    1. Hi, thanks for your encouraging words. Yes of course, the wool I have is lace weight approx 800m 100g, 4ply 400m and 100g and dk 200m and 100g yarns although they vary depending on the wool. A lot of them are merino, cashmere, nylon and there are also some with blue faced Leicester. Some also have silk in. They are around the £15 mark per skein, depending on content so not cheap I’m afraid, although you can get discount with the code SUBSCRIBER. You can access my shop via this link…
      I also custom dye skeins but probably not atm until after the wedding!
      Wedding plans are going well thanks.
      Yes, it’s been a hard few weeks, progress is slow but it’s still early days and these things take time so we all need a lot of patience but we’ve been helped through so far thanks.
      Best wishes,
      Sharon xx


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