Thoughts Whirling Around at a Dizzying Rate?…

Stressed? Anxious? Busy? As I was sitting with my Bible this morning, instead of what I initially thought I was to share today, I was led to the well known account of Martha and Mary. Most of us will know this story well, Mary sits at Jesus feet listening to Him while Martha is busyContinue reading “Thoughts Whirling Around at a Dizzying Rate?…”

Are you strong enough?

It’s easy to think of seeking as being something we do before we come to know Jesus as our Saviour but it’s also something we should be doing constantly… ‘Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.’ Here firstly, we’re told to seek the Lord’s strength. Maybe you need it today Friend? AsContinue reading “Are you strong enough?”

Joy and Peace

So many of the psalms begin by the writer describing the troubles they’re in and end with praise. It’s as though, as they pour out their heart to God, they feel His presence and their hearts are filled with peace and joy. Psalm 16 is like this. David begins by pleading with God to preserveContinue reading “Joy and Peace”

I am the LORD thy God…

It’s easy to hear certain phrases that are often repeated in the Bible and yet not pause to fully take them in. There’s a phrase¬† like that, that was said many times in the Bible to the children of Israel but does it include us?¬† ‘I am the LORD thy God.’ We first see itContinue reading “I am the LORD thy God…”

What can I DO?….

Have you ever longed to DO something for God? Have you ever asked the question, what can I DO for God? In the bible we read of those that asked the same question… ‘What shall we DO, that we might work (or do) the works of God?’ What did Jesus reply? ‘This is the workContinue reading “What can I DO?….”

Where Do You Live

Imagine a place, a most beautiful land. Not a dry barren desert but a land with verdant hills and valleys, gently watered by the rain of heaven. This land is cared for by the King. He watches over it and all those who live there, with much love through all the changing seasons of eachContinue reading “Where Do You Live”