Looking Ahead….

As we may pause and think of the year ahead and wonder or plan what we will do. As we think on the things we’d like to achieve, the places we’d like to go, in it all let’s be seeking the will of God and the glory of God because if we have been purchasedContinue reading “Looking Ahead….”

Where Do You Live

Imagine a place, a most beautiful land. Not a dry barren desert but a land with verdant hills and valleys, gently watered by the rain of heaven. This land is cared for by the King. He watches over it and all those who live there, with much love through all the changing seasons of eachContinue reading “Where Do You Live”

A Tale of Two Trees.

Imagine you are given a beautiful delicate young tree. It will need some careful nurturing so you choose the spot to plant it carefully. You have a wonderful fertile place where it can thrive in the sunshine and be well watered by the rain but there’s another young sturdy tree there so you move thatContinue reading “A Tale of Two Trees.”