Putting on the Armour of God

How are you going to be starting today Believer? How will you be strong enough to fight temptation, doubt and fear? Will you ‘be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.’? Are you battle ready? No soldier with an ounce of common sense goes into battle unarmed or without testing hisContinue reading “Putting on the Armour of God”

Life is a battleground!

Life is a battleground! Friends, for the true Believers there will many battles to fight. There will be the temptations of the enemy, the distractions of the world, the trials, the storms of life, hear hard things in our lives, hard things in our country, hard things in the world and in it all theContinue reading “Life is a battleground!”

Negative thinking…

It’s so easy to get into negative talking or thinking about others especially at the moment with so many different opinions flying around, I found myself spiralling into it yesterday but Friends this is all part of the battle!! How quickly we forget that there’s constantly an unseen war being fought, battles far more fierceContinue reading “Negative thinking…”

Are you Fighting?…

Fight… I love the account of the armour of God (Eph 6) and all that God gives us to protect us and to help us defend ourselves against spiritual attack but right at the end we have two offensive weapons, two weapons that we can use not only to defend ourselves but to attack theContinue reading “Are you Fighting?…”

More than Conquerors

The first few chapters of Zechariah’s prophesy talk about his visions but before that he has a message from God, from ‘the Lord of hosts’. This phrase must be important as it’s repeated and repetition was the way they emphasised a point in those days!… ‘Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Turn ye unto me,Continue reading “More than Conquerors”

Goals in a Changing World

As I was reading in Corinthians this morning I began to wonder how many of us had set goals this year? Things we wanted to focus on, areas we wanted to grow in etc. We’re now a third of the way through the year and life is looking very different to what any of usContinue reading “Goals in a Changing World”

Ask for the Old Paths…

As I read and prayed over what I was to share today, wherever I turned I read the same thing, God’s judgement on Israel forewarned if they did not turn back to God because they had left His ways and gone in the way of those nations around them… ‘I will judge you in theContinue reading “Ask for the Old Paths…”

Obedience takes courage…

Joshua is old, the tribes of Israel have been given their boundaries and he calls the people together to tell them that he’s… ‘divided unto you by lot these nations that remain, to be an inheritance for your tribes…’ and tells them that God will keep His promise to drive these nations out but asContinue reading “Obedience takes courage…”

How do you respond?

If someone insults or hurts us or those we love it’s very easy to react in the heat of the moment unless we’re…’kept by the power of God.’ David is a good example of this. He’d protected Nabal’s shepherds and sheep in the wilderness and later when he had need he sent a peaceful messageContinue reading “How do you respond?”


In Matt 24 the disciples ask Jesus what the signs of His second coming shall be. Jesus tells them and then ends with this… ‘But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.’ So what does it mean to endure? This phrase ‘he that shall endure’, is just one Greek wordContinue reading “Endure…”