A friend mentioned a verse yesterday when we were talking about fighting the devil… ‘Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.’ Then when I opened my Bible this morning, there it was, following on from a verse I mentioned in my post yesterday. (He giveth more grace!) Little did I know that withinContinue reading “Resist…”

The Battle is not Yours but God’s.

Are you a fixer? If there’s a problem do you want to just get on and sort it out, fight for what you think is right or do what you can to make sure things go your way?…. Friends, if we know Jesus as our Saviour and are looking to Him, then we don’t need to fight alone, even when we don’t feel God’s presence, He still goes with us…

The Battle is the Lord’s…

David fought a lion, a bear and a giant and he won every time. It all sounds rather extreme until you add God into the equation. David didn’t fight alone and neither do you child of God. We may live in peace where we live but for the Christian there’s a constant war being waged.Continue reading “The Battle is the Lord’s…”


When my alarm went off early this morning, Hubby woke up too and checked the news to see what was happening in Syria and read about the attacks made by our and other countries. I got up and went downstairs and knelt to pray with such a sad and heavy heart over all the awfulContinue reading “Why?”

Who are we fighting and how?

Have you ever been really annoyed at, argued with or hurt by someone?. I have and it’s not always been someone I don’t get along with, sometimes it’s been those closest to me. Why? We love these people in our lives so why do we get irritated by them? Maybe your first thought is sinContinue reading “Who are we fighting and how?”